Case Studies

Rolando's Transformation into an Industry Leader

Branding, Content Creation, Social Media Management

Rolando set out to enhance both his personal brand, NJ CREDIT REPAIR, currently rebranded as, Mr.Credit.USA, and his business simultaneously. With no followers at the start, our SCORE system was implemented to grow his presence from the ground up.


Rapid Growth: Within just six months, Rolando began seeing a significant increase in followers and leads.

Explosive Success: His breakthrough came from adopting our strategic recommendations on TikTok, which tripled his daily consultations and massively scaled his business revenue to over $1 million.

Industry Recognition: Rolando has become a well-recognized public figure within his industry .

Business Expansion: He successfully launched multiple six-figure businesses, all fueled by the robust social media and content strategies we developed.

The Process:

Starting with zero, Rolando quickly adapted to our SCORE methodology, leading to a dramatic increase in his digital footprint and business inquiries.

His decision to leverage our tailored TikTok strategy was a game-changer, significantly expanding his business impact and revenue.

Long-Term Partnership:Over four years, Rolando has continued to refine and evolve his strategies with us, maintaining his leading position in the industry. This enduring partnership has seen continuous innovation in his approaches, keeping him ahead in a competitive market.

Cost-Efficiency:Remarkably, all of Rolando’s achievements with SCORE have been accomplished without any expenditure on paid advertising.

Michele’s Meteoric Rise on Social Media

Branding, Content Creation, Social Media Management

Background: Michele approached us with her social media platforms struggling to grow. Despite active efforts and advertising, her channels—Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook—showed minimal progress, with only 300 followers in total and stalled


Challenge: Michele recognized the potential of social media but was unsure of the strategy and skeptical about the ROI of further investment. Her platforms lacked consistency and a tailored approach that resonated with her target audience.

The SCORE Process:

Audience Analysis: We began by identifying the specific needs and preferences of her audience.

Custom Content Strategy: Michele thrived with an unscripted content style. We implemented a strategy of posting one video per day across all platforms, tailored to engage and resonate with her audience.

Lead Generation: We developed a lead magnet specifically for the Hispanic market, enhancing Michele’s database and reach. Helping her grow her email list to thousands of subscribers in the first 3 months of working together.

Course Development: Our team designed, filmed, and edited a comprehensive course curriculum for Michele’s new academy, and we built the platform to host her educational content.


In just four months, Michele’s follower count soared to over 20,000 across platforms. Her consistent content output now generates 25-30 new leads per week, exclusively from our orchestrated efforts. The success of our strategy has empowered Michele to expand her team and scale her business operations.

Efficiency: Remarkably, all these achievements required only one hour of Michele's time each week, demonstrating the efficiency and effectiveness of our focused SCORE strategy.

Conclusion:Michele’s story is a testament to the transformative power of a well-executed digital strategy tailored to meet specific market needs without demanding significant time from the client.

Creating Fran el Realtor

Branding, Content Creation, Social Media Management

Franciel approached us with a unique goal: he wasn't initially focused on generating leads but aimed to establish himself as a leading real estate professional in the competitive markets of New Jersey and New York. Despite having no prior experience in video creation, he recognized the potential of social media to elevate his industry presence.

Challenges Overcome:

Starting from scratch, Franciel faced initial challenges in adapting to video content creation, a crucial element of engaging audiences on platforms like TikTok.

The SCORE Process:

Skill Development: Through our SCORE method, Franciel quickly moved from novice to expert in creating short-form videos, which became pivotal in defining his online persona.

Strategic Positioning: We identified and showcased his unique value proposition, effectively targeting and capturing the attention of the ideal audience.

Lead Generation and Listings: His enhanced online presence began to attract new leads and property listings, driving tangible business results.

Product Development: Building on his success, we are now helping Franciel create his first digital product aimed at aiding other real estate agents who are struggling within the industry.


In just 30 days of collaboration, Franciel amassed over 11,000 TikTok followers and started closing property deals directly from his social media leads. His business is not only surviving but thriving in a tough market where many peers are struggling, attributing his success to the effectiveness of targeted social media marketing.

ROI Achievement:Remarkably, within the first three months, Franciel earned the equivalent of two years' worth of his investment in our services, demonstrating the high return and impactful nature of our strategic approach.

Launching Cortaditos' New Coffee Shop in Union City, NJ

Marketing Campaign for the launch of the new local.

Continuous: Content Creation, Social Media Management

Background: Cortaditos, a new coffee shop in Union City, NJ, approached us to create and execute a comprehensive launch campaign for their new store. With no existing social media presence, our task was to build their brand from the ground up and generate buzz and excitement for their grand opening.

Challenge: Launching a new coffee shop in a competitive market required a strategic approach to stand out. Cortaditos needed to:

Build brand awareness from scratch.Create a strong and engaging online presence. Attract foot traffic to the store for the grand opening and beyond.

The SCORE Process:

Audience Analysis

Our first step was to understand the local market and target audience. This included:

Demographic Profiling: Identifying potential customers in Union City, focusing on coffee enthusiasts, local residents, and nearby office workers.Competitor Analysis: Analyzing local competitors to identify gaps and opportunities for differentiation.Behavioral Insights: Understanding the social media habits and preferences of the target audience to inform our content strategy.

Custom Content Strategy

To establish Cortaditos' online presence and build anticipation for the grand opening, we implemented a robust content strategy that included:

Brand Development: Creating a cohesive brand identity, including logo design, color schemes, and a consistent visual style across all platforms.Engaging Content: Producing high-quality photos and videos showcasing the coffee shop’s ambiance, menu items, and behind-the-scenes preparations.Storytelling: Sharing the journey of Cortaditos' creation, including the founders' story, the inspiration behind the brand, and sneak peeks of the store.User Engagement: Encouraging user-generated content and interactions through contests, polls, and teasers.

Launch Campaign Execution

To maximize reach and engagement, we developed a multi-phase launch campaign:

Pre-Launch Teasers: Posting countdowns, sneak peeks, and teasers to build excitement.Influencer Collaborations: Partnering with local influencers and food bloggers to spread the word and generate buzz.Grand Opening Event: Promoting a grand opening event with special offers, live music, and exclusive giveaways to attract foot traffic.Advertising: Utilizing targeted social media ads to reach a broader audience and drive awareness.


Social Media Growth: Within three months, Cortaditos' social media following grew from 0 to over 5,000 across Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Engagement:

The launch campaign posts received high engagement rates, with an average of 1,000 likes, 200 comments, and 100 shares per post.

Grand Opening Success: The grand opening event saw over 500 attendees, resulting in a sold-out day and a strong start for the new store.

Brand Recognition: Cortaditos quickly became a well-known name in Union City, with positive reviews and a growing customer base.

In our done for you social media management and content creation services, we take care of the entire process for you, no more worries, no mess. We have a content creation and distribution system ready to install and merge with your current processes.


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